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The Group

Currently, the Meregalli Group consists of:

MEREGALLI IMPIANTI TERMOTECNICI S.r.l. which makes mechanical and fire protection systems for industry, tertiary, residential, commercial centers, sports centers, etc.

NPTEC S.r.l., which grew out of Meregalli's experience and provides expertise gained in the fields:

  • Turnkey realizations for the redevelopment and enhancement of real estate;
  • Global service;
  • Conducting and maintaining 360-degree technological systems.

NPTEC S.r.l. is able to offer:


Analysis and

On the condition of buildings and facilities of any kind.


Building renovation

Construction renovations (facade resurfacing, roof waterproofing, road resurfacing, etc.).

piazza beccaria milan meregalli-007

Conversion and retrofitting

Conversion and retrofitting projects with detailed reports prepared.


Redevelopment and enhancement

Interventions for the redevelopment and enhancement of real estate and Turnkey Interventions for office income.


Remote management and maintenance

Remote management, routine and extraordinary maintenance of air conditioning, thermal, water, sanitation, fire, electrical, telephone and alarm systems...365 days/year, 24 hours/day.

Pipeline cleaning


Reception service, guarding, security, cleaning, sanitation and maintenance of green areas.

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