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LEED - "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design."

It is a building certification system that was established on a voluntary basis for the design, construction and management of sustainable buildings and high-performance land areas and is increasingly being developed internationally.

It can be used on any building type and promotes an integrated design system that covers the entire building. LEED promotes a sustainability-oriented approach, recognizing building performance in key areas such as energy and water conservation, reduction ofCO2 emissions, improvement of the ecological quality of interiors, materials and resources used, and design and site selection.

The LEED standards developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and also present in Italy thanks to the work of GBC Italia, which has created a local version, thus indicate the requirements for constructing sustainable buildings, both from the point of view of energy and from the point of view of the consumption of all the environmental resources involved in the construction process.

The efficiency of technological systems has a very important weight on building sustainability certification because it is a significant indicator of energy consumption during the life of the building.
LEED certification goes through obtaining credits for the categories provided that determine the building's classification in one of 4 levels of certification (Basic, Gold, Silver, Platinum).

To speed the development of sustainable building worldwide, the USGBC has developed global Alternative Compliance Paths (ACPs) that make the tool more flexible and thus more adaptable to projects in different parts of the world. The inclusion of these options within the LEED protocol allows the study of ad hoc solutions for each nation without giving up a single basic framework.

LEED Project for Milan Don Sturzo

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