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A protocol, on a voluntary basis, to classify and certify buildings based on the quality of indoor work spaces.

In recent years, the focus has shifted from just the technical and structural characteristics of a building to the quality of life that the building is able to offer its users, and it is from this new vision of the building that WELL was born.

This is a protocol, on a voluntary basis, for rating and certifying buildings based on the quality of indoor work spaces.

Managed by the International WELL Building Institute "IWBI" and issued by Green Business Certification Inc. it is a certification that is aimed at assessing the comfort, health and well-being of people in relation to environments.

In particular, there are multiple areas, called "Concepts," that the WELL protocol evaluates and certifies:
  • Air quality "Air"
  • Quality and accessibility of water for consumption "Water"
  • Promoting food awareness through quality of food available "Nourishment"
  • "Light" visual comfort strategies
  • Promoting a more active life "Fitness"
  • Promotion of an environment with thermal and acoustic comforts accessible to all occupants and with the necessary "Comfort" supports
  • To develop people's awareness about the state of health and well-being also through places to "Mind" relaxation activities
  • Encourage innovation by presenting new ideas for new features based on "Innovation" concepts

WELL is structured to integrate seamlessly with environmental sustainability protocols, particularly with LEED certification with which it shares the same certification body as well as the structure in prerequisites, credits and scores.

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