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BIM stands for "Building Information Modeling" or an innovative operational methodology by which a project is developed.

Our company is always looking for new methods to increase business growth, environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. This is why we have introduced into our expertise the use of BIM, which offers important benefits to AEC companies.

Through the use of a 3D modeling program, in which structural, physical, performance and functional data of the building and its individual objects are integrated, a digital representation of an asset is created containing every aspect related to the planning, design, implementation and maintenance phases of a project.
BIM design makes it possible to specify the functionality and performance of each BIM object in the project or the processed building interior.

The basis of a BIM model is the collaboration of all stakeholders in the various phases of a structure's life cycle, from design and engineering to construction and commissioning, in order to work jointly on the same networked model.

With Directive 2014/24/EU, the European Union introduced guidelines for member countries on the use of the BIM system in the design and construction of public works. Through this legislation, a strong and clear direction has officially been taken toward a new technology that allows the life of the building to be predicted with simulations and data sharing.
The software platform designed to simplify and support the BIM process that our company has chosen to adopt is Revit. It is Autodesk's BIM solution for the design and development of architectural, MEP and structural documentation.

Our technical department today is able to develop designs by preparing accurate drawings, drawn up according to the customer's needs, following the entire construction process.


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