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For more than 65 years we have been designing and implementing

High-efficiency mechanical systems, ensuring comfort, efficiency performance and energy saving.

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Mechanical systems for thermal engineering

Meregalli manufactures mechanical systems of all types for industrial, tertiary and commercial including the most complex air handling systems of sterile pharmaceutical systems, those for microelectronics, food, chemical and mechanical industries as well as all tertiary and commercial sector applications. In these sectors we specialize in air conditioning, ventilation, heat recovery, energy saving, fluid transport, steam, thermal oil, hot and chilled water systems.

Fire protection systems

Meregalli deals with the design, implementation and sizing of fire protection systems whether they are Sprinkler systems, deluge systems, Foam systems or Gas systems. We analyze requirements in compliance with UNI EN, NFPA or FMGlobal standards by taking advantage of state-of-the-art tools and methods such as The BIM. Up to routine and extraordinary maintenance, we are the ideal partner for your protection.

Fluid transport networks for industry

We make plants to serve different production processes. In particular, we specialize in the realization of steam, diathermic oil, superheated water , hot water and chilled water plants and, above all, we know how to decline the many possible technical solutions to adapt them to the specific need of the production plant and the type of fluid used.

Pumping and water treatment stations

We specialize in the construction of water elevation systems for all uses, in this specific area we provide our clients with the possibility of prefabricated structures for rapid installation for industrial, firefighting of all kinds and civil applications. We also make water treatment plants, from the simplest for softened water to those for the production of demineralized water, complete with reserves and storage.

General Contractor

When requested by the client, Meregalli acts as a general contractor. As a single point of contact for the client, we take care of coordinating the professionals involved in the work process to ensure efficiency and adherence to the required timelines.