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Our technicians are highly motivated to solve problems.

For the Meregalli Group, the needs of the Client become the motivations for an agile and flexible, dynamic and versatile structure whose primary objective is to carry out the installations and works with great personality, respecting time, cost and quality.

We collaborate with our clients from the very beginning; we propose and discuss the most correct solution with them directly, always pursuing our goal, which has now become a corporate philosophy: to adapt our structure and thus our work to fully meet the client's needs.

The services we offer relate specifically to:

Feasibility analysis

Meregalli offers a professional service dedicated to the feasibility study, which is the set of technical, economic and financial analysis of an initiative directed at verifying the convenience of the investment. At this stage, a list of solutions is drawn up and defined in terms of technical feasibility, potential suppliers, project development schedule, initial investment and future operating costs. With the feasibility study, we evaluate different project alternatives, which may be consistent with the fundamental objectives of the project, so that we can select those with a lower risk profile.


Being able to take advantage of a wide range of technology and experience, we propose the most suitable solutions for the client's purpose, always having an eye for choices that will avoid problems in operating and management costs.

In particular, Our Technical Department is able to follow:

  • Executive and construction design of mechanical systems.
  • Executive and constructive design of accommodation in relation to plant sub-services.
  • Consulting assistance and related executive designs pertaining to current plant engineering regulations such as: I.S.P.E.S.L INAIL VV.F. regulations. UNI UNI C.T.I UNI C.I.G. national regulations about water gas and drains.
  • Expert appraisals assisting consultations on executive designs pertaining to construction works necessary for the implementation of technological facilities.

Construction site activities

We undertake the implementation of mechanical and/or turnkey plant projects entrusted to us by managing, through Our specialized personnel, all phases of the construction site from construction design, through set-up and implementation to clean-up and clearance. Whether the construction site consists of the simple supply and installation of machinery to serve the plants, the redevelopment of a building or the construction of a plant from scratch, Our teams of trained site managers and skilled labor collaborate with the technicians and coordinate the workers in order to deliver the completed work to the client.

Indoor workshop and warehouse with storage

Within Our Arcore headquarters we have a space used as a workshop and in particular for the work of prefabrication of plants, making the brackets to support them and small carpentry.

We are equipped with a TIG, THREAD and ELECTRODE welding station, grinder, dies, lift trolley, drill presses and various manual equipment for assembling and transporting the created structures.

In fact, our company is EN 1090-1 certified for the production of structural components for steel structures up to EXC execution class 3, which allows us to produce from the most static elements up to elements intended for public buildings.
In the warehouse we also have a section dedicated to the storage of pipes, plants, valves and various small parts managed by an attendant and available to the workers.

Testing and acceptance

Our company is structured and organized to carry out tests and inspections of plants made by us or by Third Parties in a comprehensive manner and according to regulatory standards. In this day and age, in which the continuous evolution of technological innovation and quality and safety aspects inevitably lead to an increasingly rapid and progressive change in standards related to the plant sector, this service is of increasing importance.

Our technicians have proprietary instrumentation (always maintained calibrated with constant periodicity) to measure the physical quantities required for verification, calibration and testing of systems.

In addition, our Company has been working for years in the Pharma sector for which specific TAB (Testing Adjusting and Balancing) activities are required for the validation phases of HVAC systems necessary for the proper certification of industrial plants in the sector.

Maintenance and service

Our service section offers itself as a single point of contact for all activities carried out within a property, capable of optimizing economic, logistical, technological and organizational processes, ensuring maximum economy and flexibility.

Our trained staff have burner licenses of various levels, F-GAS licenses and PES-PAV-PEI workman's certificates, for the operation and maintenance of technological systems and for first response requests.

For the scheduling and supervision of routine maintenance activities, our company uses IT support: the AssistanceNOW software. This is a management software, made by MIXNOW, which allows the computerized management of interventions and the documentation certifying their execution.

Our field technicians are all equipped with remote devices for managing interventions and issuing the report that links to our in-house management system.

For the management of on-call interventions, our company provides the Customer with an internal person with a dedicated landline telephone number to act as a call reception and management center. Intervention requests to the relevant Project Manager who in turn will activate intervention teams according to the type and priority of intervention.

For any emergencies outside office hours, a cell phone number is made available to customers for 24-hour REPERABILITY SERVICE, 365 days a year.

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